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How Punya AI works in 3 steps

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    Input Zendesk or HubSpot Knowledge Base URL

    Easily bring your Zendesk or HubSpot Knowledge Base articles into Punya.

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    Preview Chatbot

    Engage with your chatbot in Punya's preview mode and evaluate test cases and answers.

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    Launch & Iterate

    Install your chatbot, launch it, and continuously enhance its performance.


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AI chatbot created using the RentSpree Help Center

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Why Punya AI

Up-level your support quality with Punya

Punya is a generative AI with guardrails, delivering top-quality customer support with 100% accuracy in its AI responses.

Trust in Safety with Punya

Punya offers clear insights into bot activities, ensuring business safety. Stay informed and stay in control.

Uncompromised Quality

Understand your chatbot's performance with Punya's transparent quality control. Trust in the quality of every interaction.

Easy-to-Use for Everyone

Punya is designed for everyone. No need for coding; just a powerful AI chatbot ready to assist. Experience simplicity with Punya.

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